Unity Dev Lab

Unity Dev Lab is a showcase for my game design projects and software experimentation. These games, tests and experiments are free to play from your browser and do not require you to download Unity software to play. All you need is a browser window, a laptop or desktop computer and a mouse.

Testing Unity Tutorials & Experiments

Unity Dev Lab has been created to show my game samples which can be played from your browser. The games below are based around books and the Unity Tutorials from the Unity website. Others are a mash up of various bits and pieces which I have explored and test myself. To read more details about more previous history in dev and design read 'about me'

Games Features : 2d UFO, Moonlight Ball, FPS test 2.0, Original roller ball tutorial, First FPS from "Unity In Action"

2D Flying UFO

The 2d aspect of Unity is what initally drew me to it. This game is basically a 2D version of the 3D Roll-A-Ball game. The 2D version of the game can be played from your browser. This demo shows what can be made following the tutorial on the Unity website.

Aim of the game
Using the arrows keys you need to fly the UFO (the disk) into onto the golden nuggets. As with the other demo's i'm afraid the game finished once you gather up all the golden nuggets.


Moonlight Ball

This test shows how a ball can roll from left to right and using the keys across on 3D terrain. This small experiment is based around and built upon the Unity tutorial where a ball can roll around and collect spinning squares. The Moonlight roll was a sandpit experiment to how Unity worked once it was published. This project is a self-iniated play with Unity based around the 'Roll-A-Ball'

There is no aim to this game, its just a test to see how lighting, the environment, testing controls, a rudimentary camera will follow and how the game / application would run once it was published.


FPS Game 2.0

This was a development from a previous FPS game. This version tests lighting effects, sprites, UI and emitters.

Aim of the game : Its a simple room to walk around, a rough test on an FPS shooter. Use mouse and arrows keys to move. ( Has bugs )


The Original Roll-A-Ball Tutorial

This is what was created when following the Roll-a-Ball tutorial. This was the first tutorial and how to look into developing 3D unity games. You can also follow the unity tutorial here and and develop the your own.

Aim Use the arrow keys to move around the arena and collect all of the squares.


FPS Play

Follow a unity book – (Unity In Action - You can buy it) I have started to dabble in making a rough FPS shooter. The character fires white orbs which can be stacked against the terrain. I took some creative liberties in the 'White boxing' stage to see how bump maps (materials) would work in a 3D environment. Feel free to have a tinker from your browser. Glitches that are to be worked out. One being, the player 'slides' across the environment and the other is that the projects fire from the players forehead.

Aim of the game : Its a simple room to walk around, a rough test on an FPS shooter. Use mouse and arrows kesy to move. ( Has bugs )


Know C# or are looking for help on a Game?

f you are a freelancer coding heavy-weight or a developer looking for work feel to drop a line. You never know what will come up in the future.

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